Best Acupressure Kit Wooden Hand Roller Finger Massager India

Best Acupressure Kit Wooden Hand Roller Finger Massager 

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  • Acupressure Kit Acupressure Wooden Hand Roller Palm Massager
  • Acupressure Tools for Body Stress, Stress Buster For special points of your Hands, Foot and Body.
  • Roll in your hands for 5 to 10 minutes daily. Best for the middle part of palm & finger relaxation.

INDICATIONS: Stimulates acupressure points activates blood circulation, tiredness, freshness, effective in shoulder pain & total health. This is in a pyramidal ball shape. hence it is known as energy-massager.

  • Acupressure Kit Acupressure Finger Massager Plastic pressure is used to stimulate specific points Sujok For fingers massage. Use with bearable pressure on your finger.
  • INDICATIONS: For finger stresses, pain and numbness. Also pressing all Su-Jok points. It’s flexible & most useful. All fingers points can be pressed easily
  • Wooden acupressure tools have rounded-off edges that applying force to the pressure points without hurting the skin and muscles. color means light variable
  • This tool is designed with similar science of reflexology, so by using it on each point of your feet regularly, it will help to maintain good health and also prevents your body to catch diseases.
  • This therapy is durable and effective to refresh you, recommended by Health Consultants / Doctors around the globe! Grab this Finger Massager for Fitness & Pain Relief product today that really works!
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