Best Uvc Led Sterilizing Portable Bag

Best Uvc Led Sterilizing Portable Bag

  • The Choice of Healthier Lives: 59S specializes in UV LED sterilizers based on the daily needs.
  • It mainly to make disinfection faster and easier, everyone to live a healthy sterile life.
  • S6 is a portable quick sterilizing box.
  • Suitable for Small Accessories: S6 disinfecting case is not just for soothers.
  • it’s also compatible with all small items that need to be sterilized.
  • Such as pacifier, tethers, powder puff, small toys, keys, earrings, watches, nail clippers.
  • Keep the items sterile and reduce the infection of the disease.


Best Uvc Led Sterilizing Portable Bag

  • Uvc Led Sterilizing Portable Bag sterilizer disinfects by emitting ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 260nm-280nm through 5 UVC LEDs. 
  • It only takes 59 seconds to kill 99.9% of bacteria and germ with automatic shut off.
  • Peace of Mind: 59S Provides Its Customers a 12 Month Hassle-Free Warranty. Contact Our Friendly Local Customer Service Team for Any Quality or Technical Enquiries.

Uvc Led Rapid Sterilization


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