Uvc Led Rapid Sterilization

Uvc Led Rapid Sterilization

  • Capcity 10 litre
  • Clean All The Thing With Uv Light That Fits
  • Compact & Easy To Use
  • Protection & Safety Design
  • Disinfects And Eliminates Up To 99.9% Of Germs.


Uvc Led Rapid Sterilization

UVC Led Rapid Sterilization You can comfort your baby in time after putting the baby pacifier into the box to CLEAN in 1 minute. Operation Easy and Intuitive: Easy One-button operation, touch switch.

Easy maintenance and cleaning, The compact and portable design allows it to easily fit inside almost any pram or travel bag. You can clean the nipple and the toothbrush head whenever and wherever you want.

By The Innovative Technology of Uvc Led Rapid Sterilization There Are Deriving Direct Advantages for The Operator: All our UV-C LED are Seoul came from south Korea. The technology of UVC has no chemistry, no toxic compound and no formation of resistance. Undesirable targets micro-organisms get inactivated within seconds, whilst the product characteristics persist.

Why We Use UVC LED and Metallic Mirrors? Because UVC LED does not contain mercury, it’s environment friendly, long-lifetime, energy-saving, less heat loss. Meanwhile metallic mirrors inside, Different from glass mirrors, metallic mirrors can reflect the UVC light but not absorb it. It would help the UVC light multi-directional reaches the surface of the item.



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